The Benefits of Homemade Baby Food

Homemade Baby Food

Homemade baby food, or making your own baby food is easy, and the best way to ensure quality ingredients, without fillers, preservatives and over processing.

Your baby’s taste buds will develop depending on the type and variety foods you give them. If we give your babies over-processed foods then they will start to desire more over-processed foods. This also means they will not develop a taste for fresh, whole, real food.

I am going to teach you how to make baby food and the easy tips to keep the workload down. I know “popping a jar” is easy, but let’s explore the multiple benefits of making your own baby food.

Cost – the cost of homemade baby food is pennies per ounce. Compare this to the jarred variety, especially the high quality organic jars, and over a couple months, you will rack up a huge savings.

• We are going to use carrots for an example. Yesterday, I bought a 2 lbs bag (32 oz) of organic carrots for $2.00, which works out to be $0.06 per ounce for fresh, organic carrots. I also looked at jarred baby food while at the grocery store yesterday, and a small jar of organic carrots (2.5oz) was $0.85, which works out to be $0.34 per ounce.
• From this example you are saving $0.28 per ounce of carrots.

Quality – Many people will opt for a lesser quality in order to save on the grocery bill. As we previously discussed, if you take a little time to make your own baby food, then you can absolutely afford the best quality, organic ingredients.

• Organic and the highest quality ingredients are essential for our babies. Your baby’s systems continue to develop through childhood, and they are far more susceptible to pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals. Click here for the list of the most sprayed produce.

Easy – now, homemade baby food it is not as easy as popping a jar, but with the right system it really only takes minutes per week.

• Cook the food in larger batches and freeze the excess in individual portions. Ice cube trays work great because each cube is approx. 1 oz.
• Each morning take a variety of foods from the freezer and transfer to the fridge. The foods will defrost and be ready for the following meal.
• Make it fun – Host a Puree Party with your friends – Click here for more Puree Party information.

Taste – I challenge you to a taste test. Open a jar of processed baby food and taste it against the homemade variety. Or think back to a recent baby shower when you played “the baby food game”. If you would not eat it, why should your baby. It is no wonder that so many babies spit out their food and appear to dislike their vegetables.

Appearance – I know we should not judge on appearance, but have you looked at some of the jarred varieties? Since when are bananas pink, and why are the peas that awful color. Homemade baby food is bright and colorful, just like fresh produce.

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