Buy Local, Buy Organic,
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Green Baby in the Flowers

We want this planet to be as clean and fruitful for our children as it has been for us. For this to be a reality we need to take some steps to decrease our carbon footprint and to teach our children to do the same.

Buy Local
When you buy local, not only are you supporting your neighborhood farmers and small business owners, but you are also decreasing the amount of fuel it takes to get the product to you. Over a years time you can drastically reduce the amount of carbon emissions which are associated with your food and product choices.

Buy Organic
Purchasing organic products is not only healthier for you and your family it is healthier for the entire planet. When you choose to buy organic produce you are choosing to decrease the amount of pesticides and herbicides you put in your body, as well as the amount that is sprayed on to the fields and therefore ending up in the air, soil and water supplies.

Become conscious of the waste that you produce and make an effort to decrease it. By just purchasing 6 cloth diapers and using them on days when we were at home, our family was able to reduce our disposable diaper use from 2 trash bags a week to one bag per week.

This is easy, reuse sandwich and snack bags by rinsing them while inside out and leaving to dry. You can also choose many designated reusable snack containers so you are not using plastic bags at all.

Whenever possible recycle the items which would otherwise end up in the trash. Many communities have recycling pickup, and most of the time it is a free service or already included in the cost of your trash pickup. If this is not an option for you and/or if you do not have a separate recycle bin at your house, it is easy to add one to the garage and then drop off the recycling to the local center while you are out running your errands. Please note that not all recycle centers take the same materials, it is important to have a complete list of the items they accept and comply with these standards.

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