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Because of the rapid development of children before the age of 5, kid’s nutrition is the foundation to which they will build their health and wellness for years to come. What they eat on a daily basis will ultimately play a role in the foods they like and dislike, their brain development, as well as their likelihood of obesity and diabetes.

If you are looking for the Fort Collins kid’s nutrition leader then look no further.

Fort Collins Nutrition in association with , is the leader in children’s health and nutrition on the Colorado Front Range.
At our Fort Collins nutrition clinic, Dr. Kim Bruno specializes in treating the youngest of patients through whole food nutrition and basic supplementation. We strive to treat the child as a whole, and incorporate practices which are manageable in most family dynamics.

We have successfully treated children with conditions such as:
• Food allergies and sensitivities
• Celiac disease
• Chronic ear infections
• Inability to meet growth standards
• Delayed milestone achievement
• Anemia (iron deficiency)
• Childhood obesity
• Seasonal allergies
• Asthma

Please contact us for more information on our services and to make an appointment for your child.

Dr. Kim Bruno

Direct: 970-691-3694
Clinic: 970-372-1277

Colorado Center of Health and Nutrition

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