What's For Lunch??
Daily Photo Guide to Healthy Lunches

Healthy Kids Lunch ideas
Crunchy chicken nuggets, baked sweet potato cubes, cucumber spears and raspberries.

healthy kids lunch ideas
Whole grain brown rice, vegetarian refried pinto beans and salsa, sliced green peppers and watermelon balls.

healthy kids lunch ideas
Almond butter sandwich on zucchini/banana bread, blackberries, sweet corn-off-the-cob, raspberries.

Toddler Turkey Meatball Lunch
Turkey Q Meatballs, Couscous with mixed veggies, Green beans and sliced pears.

Chicken Rice Avocado Children's Lunch
Organic whole grain brown rice mixed with chicken and avocado, green beans and sliced tomato with basil and olive oil.

Chicken Salad Wrap Kids Lunch
Chicken salad avocado wrap with sliced organic strawberries and baked chickpeas

Children's Salmon and Sweet Potato Lunch
Grilled salmon and yellow summer squash (leftover dinner), sweet potato hash (leftover breakfast) and baked chickpeas

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