The Great Baby Food Review

Baby Food Review Beechnut Baby Food Jars

This is the baby food review for busy moms, because we know that it is impossible to have our babies and toddlers eat homemade food for every meal and snack. However we still want to provide them with good nutrition even when we need to choose a premade variety or a dining out option.

I recommend my patients strive for the 80/20 rule, which is: 80% of the meals and snacks to be homemade, organic and whole food options and then the other 20% I choose from the best premade options that are available at the time and location.

Which premade foods and dining out options are the best? Some foods look good but taste awful, some we like but our babies do not, and some are just winners all the way around. This being said, how do many of us moms get our information for product and services, that’s right a friends (usually another moms) referral. So let’s start the great baby food review to determine which commercial foods on the market as well as the kid friendly restaurant options can be considered for a nation-wide friend referral.

I am looking for reviews on formulas, baby cereals, local and national restaurant kids meals. Also if you have reviews, comments or opinions on any food which would fit in the below sections I would greatly appreciate that information.

The more we all know the better choices we can make.
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Stage One Baby Food Review:

Earth’s Best Baby Food prunes – Good color and taste, not to tart and baby likes it, especially mixed with the Earth’s Best Organic Oatmeal.
Earth’s Best Baby Food First Squash – Good color and taste, and is a good alternative to homemade squash puree. My only complaint is that the jar is so small. At 6 mo. this was a good serving size but as we continued to use it as our baby grew it just was not enough.
Gerber Baby Food Banana – since when are bananas pink – I guess since they have to add a preservative to keep them from turning brown. I would skip these and just use a fork to smash a real banana.
Gerber Baby Food organic sweet potato – good color and taste. I bought these in the plastic cube containers sold in a 2 pack and found these to be a great option to keep in the diaper bag. No worry about glass jars breaking and the lids conveniently reattach if not all is eaten at one sitting.
Gerber Organic fruit and oatmeal purees – I found that when I was out at the park or at a play-date these combos were nice to have. The taste was good and my baby liked them, plus I knew she was getting more than just a fruit, she was also getting some protein therefore she would be satisfied for longer than if I just gave her apple sauce.
Gerber peas – Yuck!! The color is bad and taste is bad, I would not eat it or offer it to my baby. I want her to like her vegetables.

Stage Two Baby Food Review:

Earth’s Best Baby Food Sweet Potato and Chicken dinner – Okay color and good ingredient check, but the taste was off and my baby would not eat it, even though she likes both sweet potatoes and chicken.
Tribe All Natural Individual Hummus cups – These are GREAT and I cannot say enough good things about them. These individual cups are the perfect size and provide for a perfect well balanced snack while out and about. When served with crackers they provide protein, carbohydrates and healthy fat, plus they taste great. There are only 2 draw-backs, one is these are not organic, and two is that they are only sold in the plain variety. I hope soon Tribe will create a variety pack with several different flavors. Remember you can freeze hummus, this is a great option for a day out, by the time lunch or snack rolls around your hummus is ready to eat.
Yo Baby Organic yogurt – dairy variety - These premade yogurt cups are an easy way to get the little ones to have some protein and fat, but the flavored options are also packed with sugar, it is actually the second ingredient. Yo Baby does make a plain variety of the dairy yogurt so picking this one and adding your own fruit puree, or even a little premade apple sauce would be a better option.
To Baby Organic yogurt – soy variety - I am not a huge fan of soy yogurt in general, but these taste yummy and my baby (who needed dairy free options) seemed to like them. The same issues with the soy option as the dairy option is that there is a ton of sugar in these little ups, and the unfortunate thing is that the soy variety does not have a plain option.

Stage Three Toddler Foods:

Beechnut Banana Cookies – these are nice for a treat, but because they are a cookie they are high in sugar so try to limit your toddlers consumption to one or two. They are not organic, but I have a hard time finding organic cookies.
Earth’s Best Organic Crunchin’ Crackers – Nice cracker option and serves well with the Tribe hummus. These crackers do contain most common allergens, so if food allergies are a problem with you or your baby this would not be a good option.
Healthy Times Vanilla Arrowroot Cookies – These cookies are a hit in our house as an after lunch and dinner treat. They are soy and dairy free with the primary ingredient being wheat. As far as cookies go they are fairly low in sugar and claim to be a good source of calcium, zinc and iron.
Plum tots organics Fruity Fingerfuls – freeze dried bananas and grain bites – The bananas and grain bites dissolve in the baby’s mouth as they gum it and it is a great finger food option for little ones who are just being introduced to textures and finger foods. My only issue is that they are a little pricey.

Kids Foods:

LaraBar JamFrakas Banana Chocolate Blastocrisp – I like the LaraBar family of products because they have very few ingredients, therefore you know there are not fillers and additives. All organic and does not contain sugar (uses honey as a sweetener). They do contain cashews, almonds and traces of milk (most likely from the chocolate) so these are not a great option for kids with nut or dairy allergies.

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