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Frozen Homemade Baby Food

Baby Food - ages 6 months to 12 months

Do you want to make your own homemade baby food, but you are overwhelmed by the task?

Let's make it a Puree PARTY!

Invite your mommy friends over, and get ready to wash, steam and puree. We will also make several finger foods for the older babies. In the end everyone goes home with a variety of fresh, homemade baby food for their little one.

Dr. Kim will guide your group through the homemade baby food process, giving time-saving and nutritional tips along the way.

After your puree party you and your friends will have recipes for homemade baby food as well as a method so you are able to continue to provide your baby with the freshest and purest food avaiable.

Healthy Toddler Foods

Toddler Food - ages 12 months to 3 years

As toddlers get older and more independent they can also become more picky with their food choices. In this cooking class we will teach you how to involve your little one in meal time, how to pack great nutrition into every last bite, and how to make some yummy finger foods and healthy kids snacks to fill in the nutritional gaps.
You and your friends will all go home with recipes, knowledge and confidence to face each mealtime with your toddler. You will also get a sampling of food for your toddler to try and love.

Here are the class details...

Cost: $20 per person, which includes a hands-on cooking class, recipes and nutritional tips and food to bring home. (The host gets to attend at no charge since they are providing the kitchen)

Minimum of 5 participants

Dr. Kim will provide the produce, fresh and in-season from local and organic farms.There will be some standard basics such as squash and carrots, but also some interesting and fun items depending on the seasonal selection.

Each particapant will need to bring some ice cube trays or ziplock bags to bring home their homemade baby or toddler food.

Homemade Baby Food

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