Homemade Baby Food Combo Purees

Mighty Mango and Popeye Puree
Acceptable 10 months +

• 2 ripe organic mangos
• 1 cup fresh organic spinach

• Cut the mango way from the pit and remove the flesh from the skin
• Combined mango flesh and spinach in food processor and puree

organic baby food mango spinach

homemade baby food Plum Kale Puree

Plum and Kale Puree
Acceptable 10-12+ months

Servings: Makes approximately 2 cups of puree.

• 1 lbs of ripe plums (about 4-5)
• 1 ½ cups of organic kale (about 6 leaves)

• Wash and halve the plums and remove the pit
• Place into steamer basket and cover. Lightly steam for about 5-10 min to bring out the sweetness and soften the skin of the plum
• Wash and remove the stems of the kale, place the fresh curly leaves in the food processor. Do not steam the kale it will give the puree a bad taste.
• Add the steamed plums (with or without the skin) to the food processor
Note: Younger babies may do better with the skins removed, but remember the dark skin does have a lot of beneficial vitamins and phyto-chemicals so if your baby likes the texture leave the skins on.)
• Puree and serve

watermelon homemade baby food recipe
Fresh Watermelon and Pear Puree
Acceptable 10 months +

Servings: Makes approximately 2 cups of puree.

• 1 cup of seedless watermelon
• 1 ripe pear

• Combined both ingredients in a food processor or blender.
• Puree.
• Serve for a yummy and fresh summer puree.

Do you also have older children in the house??
• The puree can be frozen in popsicle molds for a refreshing summer treat.

Pumpkin Banana Organic Baby Food

Pumpkin Banana Puree
Acceptable 7 months +
Makes approx. 2 servings plus one standard ice cube tray for the freezer

• 1 can organic pumpkin (not the pumpkin pie mixture, just plain pumpkin)
• 3 ripe bananas

• In the food processor combined the can of pumpkin and bananas
• Puree until desired consistency
• Can be served as is or try any of the below variations

Please note that the variations are acceptable for different age ranges
• Mix with plain yogurt for a wonderful well-balanced breakfast (12 months)
• Add cinnamon and nutmeg for a fall flavor (8 months)
• Combined with tahini for a new and different flavor plus some added protein and healthy fats (10 months)

Baby Food Doctor Humm-Avo
Acceptable 10 months+

• ¼ ripe avocado
• 2 Tbsp plain hummus

• Smash the ripe avocado with a fork and combine with hummus
• For added variety try different hummus flavors – a popular variety is the roasted red pepper and my daughter loved the chipotle and garlic varieties.

Hummus Avocado Baby Food Recipe

Baby Food Doctor Sweet Pot Apples
Acceptable 6+ months

• 3 large sweet potatoes
• 3 organic apples

• Preheat oven to 400 degrees
• Wash and cut apples and sweet potatoes
• Place in a baking pan and cover with foil
• Bake until soft, approximately 40-45 min.
• Place apples in food processor
• Remove sweet potato flesh from the skin and add flesh to food processor
• Puree until desired consistency – adding water for thinner consistency
• Serve one portion and freeze the rest in ice cube trays

Sweet Pot Apples Baby Food

Baby Food Doctor Bananacado
Acceptable for 6 months+
Homemade baby food can not get easier than this.

•Ripe Avocado
•Ripe Banana

•Take equal parts of avocado and banana and smash with a fork until desired consistency.
•For younger babies who might require a more liquid mixture you can mix with either water or breast milk.

Banana Avocado Baby Food

Summer Squash Baby Food

Baby Food Doctor Mixed Summer Squash Puree
Acceptable 7 months+
• 2-3 Organic Zucchini
• 2-3 Organic Yellow summer squash
• Olive oil
• Wash and slice squash into disks
• Drizzle the disks with olive oil
• Add squash to a large pot and cook over medium heat, occasionally stirring until the disks are soft.
• Add to food processor
• Puree to desired consistency – these squash tend to contain a lot of water, so it is unlikely that you will need to add any more.
• Serve some immediately and freeze the remaining in ice cube trays (each cube is a perfect 1 oz serving)
• Optional seasonings (over 8months) – Italian seasoning mix (basil, oregano and parsley) or basil and garlic

Also Try: Are you grilling squash on the BBQ grill this summer? Make a couple extra and puree them. Your baby may like this new and different twist on summer squash